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2013 Homemade List

Making homemade condiments, sides and cultured dairy are a few things I’ve been wanting to learn how to make over the past year. This year I set out to write a list that was manageable and accomplishable.

I want to take this year of 2013 to advance in areas of homemaking because first and foremost it is something I absolutely love! I usually get paid in thank you’s, smiles and kisses but they are the best reward at the end of the day.

For me, it is time well spent to make food for my family. But it is time I have to be in control of to make happen. So before I share my list, I want to give you a couple of tips for making your own list and accomplishing your list.

#1. What do you want to gain wisdom in this year when it comes to being in the kitchen?

Maybe it’s freezer cooking or making meals a head of time. Maybe you are switching to a whole food diet and requires learning to make things from scratch. Either way, think of  5 to 7 things you want to learn and start drafting a list.

#2. Use the internet and books to help. 

There are tons of tutorials, You Tube videos and even online classes that can help you grow in any area you want. Go to the library and find books on the topic you want to learn. Maybe you want to spend the year learning how to make cheese. There are some needed supplies but learning 6 recipes for making aged cheese might be a great way to learn something new!

#3. Ask your family what they’d like you to learn? 

I think this is a great idea to get your family involved. They might cherish the  food you prepare more or even want to help you! Which is a great way to spend family time together.

#4. Keep the list simple.

Aim to do one recipe a month or one recipe every two months. Everyone has different schedules so do what works best for you!

#5. Pen in the time to do it!

At the beginning of the month, pick the item off your list that you want to make. Then on your calendar, write in the day or week you plan on working and completing your recipe. Tell your time what to do!

As I wrap up this little post, the most important thing about this list is not to just have a to-do list, it is to have a purpose to advance forward in knowledge and have fun along the way!

Okay, you ready to get started? Here’s my list and then go get a pen and piece of paper!



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Each month I will share how my homemade item turned out, so stay tuned!

What homemade items will you make this year?

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