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A Place At The Table

This past week I’ve been following Crystal at in her interview with Chris Seay, author of Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor.

After watching the 3rd video of her interview with him, I decided to buy the book.  In just 4  chapters, it really made me start thinking more about the needs of others.  In the Book of Acts, the first century church shared everything.  This book, A Place at the Table  really challanged my thinking, “What do I have that I can share, just like the first century church, but here in 2012?”  

In the season of Lent (starting tomorrow), this book is great resource, to ponder on, apply and see what great things the Lord could do in and through you in just 40 days. I encourage you today to check out Crystal’s interview and A Place at the Table.


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