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5 Books to Read and Cook with Children

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Book Review, Fun, Toddler in the Kitchen | Comments Off on 5 Books to Read and Cook with Children


My friend Danielle inspired me with her cooking adventures with her daughter. In one of her blog posts, she shared about the story Madeline she read with her daughter, then they made a cake together inspired by the book. It sent me on a search for books I could read to my son and then “play” in the kitchen. :)

Since my little guy is two, he is at the age that he loves to help. It doesn’t matter if it’s making a mess or not he loves to help with anything.  I really love this character quality that he possesses at this young age!

In our trips to the library,  I have been looking for books that have to do with cooking or baking. That way after we’ve read a book, we can have fun mommy son time in the kitchen.

Today, I just wanted to share some of the favorite books we’ve read over the past few weeks. Some of these books have recipes in them or you can get creative in your kitchen by the inspiration of the book.

Here is our favorites: enjoy!

Curious George and the Pizza Party

Curious GeorgeThis book is a fun read. George gets invited to a pizza party and he gets a little curious, but in the end he has a great time at the party. The back of the book has a recipe for making pizza with kids and hosting your own pizza party.

The Doorbell Rang

the doorbell rang

If you love cookies, then you will love this book! If you are working on math skills with your little one, such as counting or subtraction this book is great for teaching those concepts in a fun way. Once you finish the book, head to the kitchen and make up your grandma’s favorite cookies because grandma’s cookies are always the best!

Bunny Cakes

Bunny Cakes


This sweet story about a two little bunnies making a cake for their grandmother, is an adorable book to read to toddler and preschoolers. After reading this story, create your own cake and take to a family member or friend for their birthday or just because. What a great way to get kids involved in cake making. I adore this book!

Strega Nona

strega nona


This classic book by Tomie de Paola is a great read for preschool and above. Although, it was very fun to read with my little toddler the significant meaning behind the story will have to wait until he’s just a tad older. I appreciate well written books like this one that have a deep level of learning involved in them. The fun thing to make in this book is pasta. Which, for a toddler is a lot fun to eat and play with.

What Should I Make?

What should I make

I really enjoy making any kind of dough: bread dough, pizza dough and cookie dough! When I’m in the kitchen cooking, Little Buddy loves to get up on the stool and take a piece of the dough and play with it. That is what I love about this story. The little boy in this story is given a piece of dough and he can make anything he wants out of it. At the end of this book is a recipe for making chapatis. A great read for all ages (even mama’s!) :)

Well this is my top five books to read and play in the kitchen with a toddler. What are some of your favorite books that involve cooking or being in the kitchen? I’d love to have more to add to our collection! Share in the comments. 

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The Letter B – Toddler in the Kitchen

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Toddler in the Kitchen | Comments Off on The Letter B – Toddler in the Kitchen

For me, as a RN turned SAHM of a 2 year old, I enjoy coming up with activities that incorporate learning into each day. This week, I’ve been teaching Little Buddy the letter B.  We’ve been reading books, we had a scavenger hunt around the house for things that start with the letter B, sang songs, played baseball and baked together.

I found a fun lesson plan from this website and it has been a perfect way to keep an active toddler entertained :)

On Wednesday, I decided some baking was in order. And to incorporate service into our weekly theme, we made banana muffins for our neighbor Betty. She has been an amazing friend and neighbor and we wanted to thank her for her friendship by making her a basket of treats and a book to curl up on the couch to read.


For our little lesson I measured the ingredients and Little Buddy poured them into the bowl.  We also counted each time something was added to the bowl. I guess Little Buddy wanted a little sensory activity as well, since playing in the flour was entertaining.

IMG_7946He was very proud about the muffins he made! Here is the basket of banana muffins ready to go to Mrs. Betty.


Little Buddy excited to give Mrs. Betty a new book!  (Redeeming Love
by Francine Rivers).

This week was a great week with my little guy! I can’t wait for next week: the letter C! :)

Share in the comments. What you do with toddlers at home? I’d love some more ideas!

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Celebrating and Savoring A Simple Christmas Giveaway Winner

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Fun, Giveaway | Comments Off on Celebrating and Savoring A Simple Christmas Giveaway Winner

I’m so excited to share with you all this morning that winner of Celebrating and Savoring A Simple Chirstmas. Congrats to:

Jamie B.

I’ve sent you an email with details to your prize. Thank you to all of you who entered! I enjoyed reading way’s you want to celebrate and savor this Christmas!


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E-Book Giveaway ~ Celebrating and Savoring A Simple Christmas by Crystal Paine

Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Fun, Giveaway | 5 comments

This time of year is very busy for everyone. There are Christmas presents to buy, parties to attend and activities galore to do. As you look at the days ahead are you thinking, “I can’t wait till January!” Well think again, in Crystal Paine’s new e-book Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas, she encourages you to set a budget, make a bucket list, and keep it simple. She shares some great family traditions you can start and homemade gifts ideas to inspire you to make your Christmas a time to celebrate and savor!  One great idea that I’m looking forward to trying this year is wrapping  Christmas story books from the library and reading one each day with our little guy. I’ve enjoyed her e-book so much, that I’ve purchased another copy to giveaway to one of you!

Here’s how it works.

 All you have to do is, write in the comments one way you want to celebrate and savor Christmas. 

For additional entries write a separate comment saying you:
  • Subscribed to Simply My Kitchen by email.
  • Shared this giveaway on Facebook.
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  • Shared this giveaway by email.
This giveaway will be open to anyone who has a Kindle or Kindle App  (you can get the app for your computer as well).  This giveaway is open to comments until Tuesday November 27, 2012 at Midnight EST. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced in the morning on Wednesday November 28,2012.
(Note: Likes on Facebook will not be able to count as entry for this giveaway, per Facebook policy.)
Your turn friends!
What is one way you want to celebrate and savor Christmas this year?



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21 Days to a More Disciplined Life – Book Review

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Book Review, Fun | Comments Off on 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life – Book Review

Crystal Paine from is one of my favorite personal finance bloggers. Not only are her money saving techniques able help you spend your hard earned money well and give generously, but her enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation challenges me (as a reader) to live a well intentional life.

In her new e-book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, Crystal Paine helps you break down a task that you’ve maybe been putting off or a good habit you want to develop and help you succeed in 21 days. Will your life be completely disciplined in 21 days: no. But you will have one area that you’ve been wanting to develop and it’s just the beginning. After your first 21 days are over, you start again, working on another area and the progress will amaze you. Tailoring her suggestions to your life, can help you reach your accomplishments, even if it’s as little as doing one load of laundry a day.

I can personally say that I’ve followed a lot of Crystal’s suggestions in my own life over the past year and half, such as goal setting and time budgeting.  Her process works well when you discipline yourself and follow through with a plan.  Even if there is a failure, you see where you can tweak and make lasting changes.

I’m not surprized after I purchased her new e-book, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life that I would get another sence of motivation and drive to continue living with purpose.  Her e-book quick and easy  read. I managed to read it on on a plane flight with a sleeping toddler on my lap. I’m eager to start developing another habit that will make our home life even easier after reading her book.

If you are looking for a fun, enthusiastic read and you are ready for a more disciplined life, I highly encourage you to check out Crystal Paine’s new e-book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.  

Until tonight (10-25-2-12) you can get a copy of her new e-book for $0.99. 

(Note: The links in this post are my affiliate links.)



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Fall Busy Bag for Toddlers

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Fun, Toddler in the Kitchen | 1 comment

A couple weeks ago I hosted a busy bag swap. We all made one activity, placed it in a sandwich bag and brought enough to swap with all the kids. I wanted to do something educational but also something simple and cost effective.

I decided on a fine motor activity that would help little hands develop hand-eye-coordination and work on skills that would later be useful for penmanship. All the while, keep them busy while out and about or while mama needs to get something done in the kitchen.

This activity can be used for kids ages 2 to 4. My little guy is 22 months and he’s not quite ready for it yet.  He wants to eat the apple instead of playing with the apple. HA! But soon enough he will love it.


  • Foam shape (I used foam apples I purchased from Target’s dollar bins)
  • Yarn or twine
  • Hole punch
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Sandwich bags

Cost for this project: Less then 2 dollars depending on what you have on hand.  I had to purchase yarn and the foam apples. I found both in the Target dollar bins.

Heres the steps

Using a whole punch, punch around the entire apple. I wrote, “A is for apple” to work on language skills and letter recognition.

I wrote apple and the letter A in upper and lower case with dotted lines so the child could trace the words to learn how to write. When the foam apple is inside the sandwich bag, a marker could be used on the outside of bag and then wiped off to be reused.

Measure out a piece of yarn or twine and add apple and yarn to a sandwich bag.  When a sweet toddlers need an activity to keep them busy they can practice this simple little activity.

Have you done busy bags for your kids before or hosted a busy bag swap? What was your child’s favorite activity? If you have a favorite you’d love to share, please do so in the comments.  I know I’ll be hosting one again soon! 

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