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My 2013 Book List and Tips to Making Your Own List

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Book List, Organization, Series | 4 comments

Good Morning Friends! How are you all doing? Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing my goals, book list, project list, and home management tools with you all as we enter this great year of 2013! I will also have a few new recipes for you too! Lets get started! Today I’ll be sharing my book list and ways you can make your own list. :)

Making your book list and fitting reading into your every day. 

#1. Priorities and Create a List

Sit down for 5 minutes today and write down your 5 most important priorities. Over the next week find books that fit your priorities. I’ve listed mine below and may be a source of ideas for your list. For more reading ideas go herehere and here.

#2. Write down a realistic number of books to read. 

For me, reading has been a developing habit over the past year and half, my goal last year was to read 12 books. I read 15 and they were mainly hard copy books and e-books. This year I’ve increased my number to what I think is realistic for me – 24.  I’ve also added many audio books to accomplish my goal. How many books could you read in one year? Now break that number down into months. Maybe 1 book every 2 months is a perfect option for your season of life!

#3. Make it a goal to read and evaluate weekly. 

Like I mentioned above,  I’ve had to develop a habit for reading. That involved setting time goals for developing my habit. My goal last year was 30 minutes a day. Sometimes it worked out to read for 10 minutes three times a day or sit down and read for 30 minutes after little buddy goes to sleep. Either way be practical about when you can sit down and enjoy your book! Each week evaluate how you did and what you can do the next week to keep reading. :) For audio books, when could you listen to them: on your way to work, while you exercise or during dinner preparations? Either way make it a goal to read daily for what works best for you!

#4. Keep a book with at all times and use your devices. 

Keep one book in your car, purse or backpack, that way if you are ever out and about a bit longer then planned, you have a book to read. Another great way to keep a book on you at all times is by having an app on your phone, using your iPad or Kindle. When you are waiting at the doctors office – read. While you are waiting to pick up your kids from school – read. While your husband runs into the grocery store, while you wait in the car – read. Get creative, you have more time then you think. :) You’ll reach your goal no matter where you are when you have your book with you.

Alright, it is time to make your reading list for 2013! If you need some ideas, below I have my list for 2013! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

2013 Book List

Most of my books are on my Kindle or iPhone. I love technology!

Marriage and Parenting

Faith and Personal Growth


Home Management



What books do you want to read this year? 

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