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On the Menu for August 13, 2012

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in On The Menu, Recipes | 2 comments

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend?

We had a great weekend. We spent Saturday morning walking around the mall and Costco, followed by a lovely lunch at a local diner.

Oh how I enjoy a good milk shake every now and then! Oreo cookie of course. Yep, I totally splurged this weekend, but I have to say I did eat a vegetarian breakfast and lunch that day.  I didn’t forget about those sweet veggies!

Anyways, the afternoon was a relaxing one, while my sweet toddler took a nap, I worked on some craft projects.  If you follow me on Facebook, I showed a couple things I did this weekend. :) I’ve really been in the mood for making flowers. If you haven’t noticed!

Well, I hope you did something very fun this weekend. Have a great week friends.

Heres our menu for this week!



  • Left overs
  • PB& J sushi rolls and peas
  • Grilled cheese and smoothies


  • Strawberry watermelon popsicles
  • Grapes
  • Trail Mix
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Kiwi


  • Crock pot chili and corn bread
  • Hamburgers and mixed veggies
  • 8 Layer Casserole and tossed salad
  • Tacos and spanish rice
  • Chicken Ranch Enchiladas with chips and salsa (My hubby’s request!)
  • Left overs
  • Dinner Out
Your turn, what was the highlight of your weekend? 
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On the Menu for August 6, 2012

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in On The Menu, Recipes | Comments Off on On the Menu for August 6, 2012

We’ve got a busy but fun week ahead. I’m keeping it as easy as possible when it comes to meal time.

Here is what our menu looks like.


  • Oatmeal Casserole
  • Greek yogurt, granola and strawberries x2
  • Coconut Raisin Oatmeal ( 1 cup of prepared oatmeal, add agave, raisins and shredded coconut)
  • Waffles, hard boiled egg and fruit x2
  • Breakfast Egg Salad Sandwich (Smash one hard boiled egg, add 1 tsp mustard and 1 tbsp greek yogurt. Spread on toasted english muffin, add a slice of tomato and turkey sausage patty)


  • Turkey and spinach sandwich and watermelon x 2
  • Left overs x2
  • Chicken quesadilla and mixed veggies
  • Laptop Lunches x 2


I’d love to hear, what are some ways you keep meals simple durning a busy week?

Have a great week friends!

* If you need of a menu plan and grocery list: click here for last weeks healthy and budget friendly menu.

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Dinner Menu Plan and Grocery List

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in On The Menu, Recipes | 4 comments

This week for my menu I’m doing something a little different.  A good friend of mine asked for a menu plan with grocery shopping list. And after trying a lot of new recipes that were quick, healthy and budget friendly, I finally came up with her request.  This is just a dinner menu and grocery list.  Very soon, I plan to include breakfast and lunch also, but since this is something very new for me to blog about, I’m starting with just one part of the menu.

This menu plan is made for a family of 4. Some recipes may yield extras for seconds or leftovers. :)

How to use this menu plan and shopping list.

#1. Print and Review the menu and recipes.

Since menu planning isn’t a one size fits all, you might need to alter some ingredients in the recipes. I did consider the cost per meal, healthy choices and quick recipes when formulating this menu.

#2. Print and Review the shopping list. 

Print off the shopping list I’ve made for you and review it. Your family might enjoy ground turkey over beef.  So I encourage you to make substitutions to tailor it to your families tastes. Also shop your pantry and freezer first for items already on the grocery list.  Cross off items on the list if you already have them.  Shopping your kitchen first is one great way to stay within your grocery budget.

#3. Make Your Own Canned and Boxed Items 

There might be some items you don’t usually buy or prefer to make from home.  In my meal plan some store bought items such as cornbread mix, taco seasoning and enchilada sauce can all be made from home. I didn’t include the ingredients from the following recipes in the list below.  If you prefer to make some of  these canned and boxed items from home you can use these recipes.  You’d be surprised how many of these items you have in your pantry, but if you don’t just add it to the grocery list.

Okay friends here is the menu, it was purposefully made with you in mind! :) Enjoy!

Dinner Menu

Perfect Roast Chicken with mixed vegetables

Salsa Chicken Tacos with Spanish Rice

Sloppy Joes and tossed salad

Chicken Tamale Casserole with tossed salad

BBQ Chicken with brown rice and mixed vegetables

CLICK HERE for the recipes.

CLICK HERE for the shopping list.

If you try this meal plan, please come back and let me know how it worked for you.  I’d like to do more posts like this in the future, your response back will let me know if I should try it again or kick it to the way side. :) 

This week I’ll be sharing some tips on Facebook on streamling meals I’d love for you to join. 

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On the Menu for July 23

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in On The Menu, Recipes | 4 comments

We are loving a few recipes from last week so much that I can’t erase them from this weeks menu, so they are rejoining us! Here is our menu for this week.



  • Left overs
  • BBQ Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese and peas
  • Chicken Quesadilla and Broccoli


Have a terrific week beautiful friends!

Be sure to share what your cooking this week.  I love hearing about it! 

*For more menu plan ideas join Menu Plan Monday at Organized Junkie.

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On The Menu – July 16, 2012

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in On The Menu, Recipes | 4 comments


Hello my friends! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! We really enjoyed our time together and I’m sharing a little bit about it today.

Dinner together at the table is one of my favorite parts of the day.  A time to reflect on the day and share a delicious meal together.  What is even more special about this particular dinner (the above picture) is that it was made to re-capture a sweet memory in our life.

When my husband and I were newly dating, I made him a steak dinner from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  I remember being so nervous cooking for him for the first time.  I wanted it to be perfect.  It was also my first time cooking steak!  Eek! I set the table with glass plates, cloth napkins and thankfully I didn’t burn the steak! It was a great night!

But 10 years later, I modified the original recipe to make last nights dinner.  And to add a little more detail in recapturing that evening, I set the table with the same cloth napkins we used 10 years earlier.  Of course, they’ve been washed and used a hundred times since then, but it was such a sweet night to have to ourselves (our little guy was already in bed for the night, otherwise he would have been joining us too)! :)

Do you have a special dinner or meal that you’ve shared with your spouse? If so, re-create that special dinner soon.  Don’t wait for a special occasion.  Sometimes the dinner that leave an imprint on our hearts are in between those special occasions! 

I hope you have a great week friends! Make yummy food with your family and share many sweet moments! Here’s our menu for this week!




Today’s Question:

What special meal would you re-capture? Is a breakfast or dinner? Are there any special ways you’d set the table to re-create your special moment? I’d love for you to share! 

For more menu plan ideas join Menu Plan Monday at Organized Junkie.



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On The Menu – Week of July 9th 2012

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in On The Menu | 2 comments

Happy Monday to you all. How was your weekend? We had some friends in town over the weekend so we had a full weekend watching our toddlers play! It’s always such a joy to have the house filled with people.  It might just be the entertaining bug that lives inside of me, that makes me trilled to have others over!

Anyways, now that 4th of July has past and we are in the full swing of summer, what’s everyones plan for their menu? Is it quick and easy? Do you have any new recipes you’ll be trying this week?

I love trying at least one new recipe.  This week I’m going to try my friend Kim’s turkey meatloaf.  It looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it!

photo credit

Here is our menu for this week.  Be sure to share what’s on your menu this week. If you have a blog feel free to share a link to your favorite recipe in the comments, I’d love to try it out! If you don’t have a blog please feel free to email me your favorite recipe also!


  • Scrambled eggs, strawberries and apple pie bread (In the apple pie bread, I substituted white whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Applesauce instead of butter. Raw sugar instead of white sugar.  The substitutions worked perfect!)
  • Oatmeal casserole x 2
  • Hard boiled egg and smoothies x2
  • PB&J Breakfast Wrap x2



Freezer Cooking

For more menu planning idea’s join Organized Junkie for Menu Plan Mondays!

Your turn. What are some ways you simplify your menu plan or ways you’d like to simplify your menu plan? 

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