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DIY: Flower Arrangement

This week I decided to tackle making a flower arrangement.  Usually I just toss flowers in a vase and call it good, but after a full two weeks of spring cleaning I decided to bring spring inside and make a bouquet of flowers I could enjoy for the week.  Well since I’m in no way a pro at making a flower arrangement, I got online to search You Tube for making a flower arrangement.

After watching a few videos, I used this one  as my source of information.  She was made it very easy to follow, anyone could make one! :)  The video is only five minutes long, so if you have some time to watch it she has some great points!

I bought two bouquets of flowers at Trader Joes. One had an assortment of flowers that were bright, but balanced with some white.  The second bunch I bought is the bright green on the right.  They are just amazing!  They added a ton of color to the finished bouquet.

I started with my water pitcher as a vase.

I then cut the flowers so that the leaves touched the base of the vase.  I used four stems and and placed them on all four sides of the pitcher.

Using four steams of white flowers, I placed them in between the green flowers.

To add a punch of color, I added two steams of pink-purple flowers on either side of the vase. I then repeated the process on the inside layer of the arrangement until I used all the flowers.

Here is my spring time flower arrangement. It’s super simple, you should try it!

Have you ever made your own flower arrangement? Do you have any tips for making them? 

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  1. Beautiful! I love TJs for bouquets (great prices!, but I plop them in the vase as is. I am not good at bouquets! I’m gonna have to try this out–what a helpful post and timely! Spring bouqets, here I come:)

    • Yes, they really have awesome bouquets and good prices! :) I really found that video helpful, I want to learn how to make more bouquets in the future, they might be popping up on here when ever I tackle trying one! :)

      • Oh so thankful for You Tube and the people who spend the time to teach everyone! :)