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Fall Busy Bag for Toddlers

A couple weeks ago I hosted a busy bag swap. We all made one activity, placed it in a sandwich bag and brought enough to swap with all the kids. I wanted to do something educational but also something simple and cost effective.

I decided on a fine motor activity that would help little hands develop hand-eye-coordination and work on skills that would later be useful for penmanship. All the while, keep them busy while out and about or while mama needs to get something done in the kitchen.

This activity can be used for kids ages 2 to 4. My little guy is 22 months and he’s not quite ready for it yet.  He wants to eat the apple instead of playing with the apple. HA! But soon enough he will love it.


  • Foam shape (I used foam apples I purchased from Target’s dollar bins)
  • Yarn or twine
  • Hole punch
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Sandwich bags

Cost for this project: Less then 2 dollars depending on what you have on hand.  I had to purchase yarn and the foam apples. I found both in the Target dollar bins.

Heres the steps

Using a whole punch, punch around the entire apple. I wrote, “A is for apple” to work on language skills and letter recognition.

I wrote apple and the letter A in upper and lower case with dotted lines so the child could trace the words to learn how to write. When the foam apple is inside the sandwich bag, a marker could be used on the outside of bag and then wiped off to be reused.

Measure out a piece of yarn or twine and add apple and yarn to a sandwich bag.  When a sweet toddlers need an activity to keep them busy they can practice this simple little activity.

Have you done busy bags for your kids before or hosted a busy bag swap? What was your child’s favorite activity? If you have a favorite you’d love to share, please do so in the comments.  I know I’ll be hosting one again soon! 

Sharing today at I Can Teach My Child and Life as Mom. 

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  1. Immensely creative, Tabitha! A wonderful kids exercise and certainly a more wholesome approach to Halloween than is generally taken. Compliments!
    Viviane Bauquet Farre recently posted..Sautéed broccoli with yellow and red bell peppersMy Profile