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Fire Up the Grill for Breakfast

I absolutely love breakfast.  There is something about eggs, fresh bread or pancakes that just make me very happy about breakfast.

Last weekend we didn’t have electricity in our house because they were not able to turn it on until Monday.  We stayed in a hotel most of the weekend, but by Sunday night we were ready to sleep in our own bed and say goodbye to the hotel beds and continental breakfasts!  We got out our camping supplies: cast iron skillet, spatula, and lantern.

Sunday night we enjoyed grilled burgers and veggies. You can see Little Buddy is so excited about dinner!

Come Monday morning though it was time for breakfast. Bring on breakfast! My husband usually does the barbecuing around here, but I thought I’d take my first attempt to cook breakfast on the BBQ.

What I really enjoyed about making breakfast on Monday was cooking in the rain. It was absolutely beautiful out.  The smell of the rain and the sound it made on the trees was relaxing. I put up the umbrella over the BBQ, turned it on, placed the skillet on the grill to warm up and started cooking.

I whipped up some bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes all on the BBQ.

It did take a little longer to make breakfast this way oppose to the stove, but it was a fun way to change up the breakfast routine. I think I can see myself trying out some more recipes on the grill!

Since this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, try making breakfast on the BBQ. It’s a lot fun and really easy! :)

Have you ever made breakfast on the BBQ? What have you made before?

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  1. I love breakfast, too–I could eat eggs each day of my life! That pic is so adorable with your little one tucked back in the corner. :) And I love how you grilled/cooked in the rain with not only no complaints, but finding the pleasure in it. You go! I can’t get enough of rain and am enjoying a bit right now!

    • Thanks Danielle! It really was so neat to try something new and fun! :)