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First Giveaway! Artisan Bread 5 Minutes a Day

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. To view the winner click here. 

My dear friend Nicole introduced me to Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day in the beginning of 2011.  I had a new little baby at home and she did as well. Our sons are just a month apart.  She prepared a loaf of bread and brought one over to us.  I admired how my friend, a new mom (just like me) was able to make such a beautiful loaf of bread and nurse an infant! Her response was, “It’s easy, I already have the dough in the frig and I just make up the loaf and out comes a beautiful homemade loaf of bread!”

I was very skeptical at first but kept asking her to give me the recipe. I thought it would take some complicated process or have a certain skill to make such a loaf of bread. Instead of giving me the recipe, she bought me the cookbook and a plastic container to make my own. I was elated! I read through the chapters of the book reading about the different kinds of flour and protein.  Then the baking supplies required.  Finally, it was time to give it a try!

The first couple times I can admit it was a bit tricky.  But I was learning! As I got the hang of the technique I quickly realized my friend was right. It was easy. My husband was equally thrilled with homemade bread that it became quite a routine in our house.

Since my friend Nicole was so gracious to me by giving me such a wonderful gift, I had to start making loaves of bread for my other friends and family.  First my friend Deanna, then Kristan and then my parents and the list goes on.  Now I aim to give at least one of my friends a loaf because I really find the bread to be amazing! :)

Now, when I give a loaf of bread I wrap in in a soft cotton kitchen towel.  Some times I ad a ribbon and embellishment. I really find joy in being able to give bread to others. :) All because one friend gave me one!

So today I want to give  the cookbook, the plastic container, a towel and flower embelishment (I personally made that one!) to ONE reader.  I’m grateful that you stop by to read my blog. It means a lot to me.  I wish I had a budget to give out one to everyone that would like try this fabulous method but I hope this little gift will bless at least one and then you can carry out the tradition as well. If you like of course!

Here are the guidelines for the giveaway:

 This giveaway is open to a U.S. Resident only at this time. 

How to enter:

In the comments share with me how you would share a loaf of Artisan bread with someone.

For additional entries (In separate comments)

Please NOTE that Likes to Facebook can not be counted per Facebook policy.

This giveaway ends Tuesday October 2, 2012.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday October 3, 2012 and will be chosen by I was not sponsored by the Authors of this book or their affiliates.  It is something I truly use and find beneficial to life in the kitchen. I would love to share the benefits of making homemade bread with one of you!

Enjoy and best wishes!


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  1. I would love to win! I am a pastor’s wife so I have many ladies in my church that I may share a loaf of bread with. I am first thinking of a single mom who is only working a part time job until the beginning of October. I think she may need encouragement. :)

    • Your comment warms my heart Rebekah! I love how you would share a loaf of bread. Thank you for always reading my post and liking them on Facebook. It always encourages me friend!!

  2. Congratulations on your first giveaway, Tabitha! What a wonderful giveaway! I have always wondered about this book and bread and am eager to give it a try. You’re such a gracious person and what a wonderful way to share your gracious heart! I’d love to bring this bread to a friend who has hit some hard times.
    Danielle @ Cozycakes Cottage recently posted..Mommy School: Little House Learning & Chapter Book Read-Aloud TipsMy Profile

    • You are so sweet Danielle! Check out and they have videos and some recipes on there blog. :) Thanks for entering!!

  3. I just shared it on my Facebook! Can’t wait to see who wins! :)
    Danielle @ Cozycakes Cottage recently posted..Mommy School: Little House Learning & Chapter Book Read-Aloud TipsMy Profile

    • Thanks Friend!

  4. I do subscribe and would love a chance to win! Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for subscribing for sometime now JD! I appreciate it! I love any feedback any time so always feel free to contact me. :)

  5. I would love to make some Artisan bread for a tea party I’m planning- need all the encouragement I can get in the bread baking department :)
    Christy @SweetandSavoring recently posted..Babies: Another Type of SweetnessMy Profile

    • LOVE this idea Christy! I’ve never had a tea party but I have a little tea set from my grandmother and I’ve been thinking of hosting a tea around christmas time. Be sure to check out
      they have some of their recipes online and you could easily do them!

  6. Just subscribed to Simply My Kitchen and thanks so much for this opportunity!
    Christy @SweetandSavoring recently posted..Babies: Another Type of SweetnessMy Profile

    • Your very welcome Christy! Thank you for subscribing! :)

  7. Hi Tabitha! What a unique and lovely giveaway you are doing here. I love your story of bread shared. It is such a simple gesture, yet powerfully soul-satisfying! I believe in the healing power of this simple act. As an herbalist, I would probably add in some herbs as well. Never underestimate the power of a fresh baked loaf of bread. Many people need a little boost, a little hope, a little love and kindness right now.This what I would want to deliver in a loaf. ♥ Thanks!

    • Thank you Shelly! I agree with you many people do need a encouragement and sharing something as sweet as bread is a great way to do so.

  8. I already have the book and container, so don’t need to be entered, but I love your story. I remember when the “friendship” bread starters used to make the rounds. Never much cared for the bread, but it was a cute idea. EVERYONE loves homemade bread and with it being so easy and reasonable to make it is a great hostess or anytime gift. Thanks for the encouragement from your blog. We just moved to a new neighborhood and I need to get on the ball and make something for my neighbors…………

    • You totally encouraged me with your comment Deb! Thank you so much!

  9. The way I would share the loaf of Artisan Bread is making a meal and having my friends over, enjoying the bread with the meal I had prepared.

    • Very sweet way Mimi! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I think it would make a nice gift for teachers.

    • It really would make a nice gift! So thoughtful!

  11. Sharing bread? Other than inviting friends over and eating it with dinner we’d love taking some to our neighbors who have really taken us under their wing in the last year. They offer to baby sit our son and house sit. So nice to know there are still people that like to help! :)

  12. I would share the bread with my mom who lives right next door, and she helps me take care of my disabled son.

    • Your story touched my heart Pamela. It certainly takes a village when your raising a child and especially in difficult situations like you must face often. I’m so GLAD you have your mom to help you!

  13. I subscribe via email. Thank you for this great giveaway!

    • Yay! Thanks Pamela for subscribing! Your very welcome. :) Thanks for entering.

  14. I am a bad person – I do not share this bread with anyone but my family!
    Cynthia L. recently posted..State FairMy Profile

    • Sharing with your family is a great!

  15. Just suscribed!

    • Great! If you ever have any questions or feedback feel free to contact me any time Cynthia!

  16. Just facebooked your giveaway!

    • Thank you for sharing Cynthia!

  17. Shared on my facebook page! Truth be told…it will be really hard to share bread ( I ♥ bread). I might eat the first 12 loaves and THEN share!

    • Thank you for sharing on your Facebook page Shelly!

  18. I would invite my mom and sister over for dinner and eat this with just plain butter.

    • How sweet Renee! Love it!

  19. As my husband isn’t eating bread at the present time… I would be sharing this bread and some fresh homemade jelly with my co-workers.
    Marlys Folly recently posted..Foodie Friend Friday – Sept 27/12My Profile

    • Yum homemade jelly. I need to get my canning stuff out and do that too!!

    • Thanks for sharing on Twitter Marlys

  20. I was following you on facebook through my personal page and now my fanpage. Shared the giveaway on my fan page.
    Marlys Folly recently posted..Foodie Friend Friday – Sept 27/12My Profile

    • Thank you Marlys! I enjoy chatting with you on Facebook! Thank you for sharing your recipe with me for this months menu!

  21. Thanks first of all for this opportunity. I would share the bread with not just one, but multiple people. husband, daughter, son and a dear dear friend who adopted me as her second Mother. Baking and sharing is a personal gift of love from the heart. Thanks!

    • Your very welcome Cindy! I love how you would share with so many people! Baking really is a gift from the heart.

  22. I would love to make some bread for my family! What a lovely Sunday tradition to begin! I also really enjoy your blog! Sara

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Sara! I’m glad you’ve stopped by to enter for the giveaway!

  23. Hmm, I would likely break bread with my neighbors!

    • Sounds like a perfect way to share!

  24. I emailed this to a few friends.

    • Awesome!

    • Thank you for sharing on Twitter Jamie!

  25. I just tweeted it! I forgot to the other day! :)
    Danielle @ Cozycakes Cottage recently posted..Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar SandwichesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing on Twitter my friend!

  26. In an effort to save money as a stay at home mom to my new daughter, I have recently begun making handmade gifts and baking, instead of buying presents. I would love to be able to add homeade bread to the list!

    • I’m a stay at home mama too and I love being able to make homemade gifts for others. It definitely saves money and adds such a personal touch! Thank you for your comment Meghan!