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Newspaper Gift Bag

A couple weeks ago, I wanted to make my husband a little treat for his day at work.   He works very hard for our son and I, it was a joy to make this little treat for him.

The first time I tried making the bag, it did take me a good 30 minutes to finish it. Immediately after I made the first one, I tried it again and it took 10 minutes.

It is similar to trying a recipe for the first time. It takes longer the first time because you don’t know the ingredients and directions, but the second time around, “It’s second nature.”

I would definitely make this bag again!

Make this for a friend who is leaving on a trip or as a gift bag for a birthday present!

I’d suggest using light weight items in this specific size bag.  I put a Starbucks coffee in the bag and it was too heavy for the handles. Although, I did use thin ribbon.  It might have been stronger had I used thicker ribbon and eyelets. But for light items, it would work well without eyelets.

What you need:

  • 1 sheet of newspaper
  • 3 to 4 light weight snacks (Preferably your friend or spouses favorites.  I did a protein bar, trail mix, a gatorade powder packet and a Starbucks drink. Aim to use items you already have in your house to save money!)
  • Ribbon
  • Eyelets
  • A glue stick
  • Card stock
  • Follow this step-by-step tutorial  (She does a great job explaining it, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.)
  • Write a sweet note to your friend or family member

More then likely you have all these items in your house already, making it cost very little.  I hope you give it a try!  I’m confident your friend or family member will love it!

Would you try making this gift bag? What special treats would you fill your bag with? 

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