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Gratituesday – Thankful for Being a Mommy


Who wouldn’t just love this smile! I know I do, but I’m totally biased.  If you are a mom, you love seeing your kids smile.  There is just something about that joy they give you when they are happy.  For some reason that doesn’t happen all the time.  Our little man is usually quite a happy kiddo, but last week he had one day where he was particularly unhappy, which made mommy unhappy.  Have you had one of those days?

As I watched my toddler throw a fit, I thought of how I must look sometimes to God sometimes when I’m throwing a fit from doing something He wants me to do! :)  James chapter 1 verse 2 says, “Dear brothers and sisters,when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”  How in the world can my toddler testing my patients be a joy?  Well the answer is in verse 5, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you.”

This week I found my answer to the wisdom I needed.  While reading The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers
by Meg Meaker she had the practical application I was needing: thankfulness!

How do you find joy in difficulty?  One way is writing a list of everything you are thankful for and you focusing on it, especially when times don’t seem so joyous. So, I got out my piece of  paper and wrote out the many reasons why I’m thankful for being a mommy.  I’m so thankful that I have son who loves my attention, he is healthy, and I get to stay home with him.  I can’t ask for anything more.

So today, when you are washing the pile of dishes from last nights dinner, folding your kitchen towels, or mopping your floor, just take a mental note to jot down all the reasons your are thankful for those sweet little ones or big ones.   Even though they test your patients, they are building your character! :)

Be sure to share what you are thankful for today in the the comments. Have a beautiful day.

I’m linking this post up to Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers.

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  1. I love your Gratituesday post; what a helpful reminder to all us moms. It’s easy to let motherhood discourage us instead of bless us. It’s easy to lose our joy. And, it’s easy to forget just how much we have to be thankful for! Your little guy is a cutie! Thanks for visiting my site via Heavenly Homemakers!

    • Thanks for stopping by too Crystal!

  2. What a nice post. What a great attitude to have! We definitely have day’s when Little Man isn’t happy and can test my patience, too. I’ll try this! Today I’m thankful for The Hubs. He was home yesterday and did a great job helping me out with Little Man so I could get some things done around the house. He sure made my life easier!

    P.S. What a cute picture of your Little Buddy! He is soo sweet!

    • Thank you. He is a sweet little guy! Thats awesome your hubby was home yesterday to help out. It’s the best gift a mama can ask for when the hubby takes over, even if its for the day.

  3. I’m thankful that even though our fridge and water heater went out on the same day last week, that I now have replacements. I’m grateful for food that is not spoiled, and for hot showers. :)

    • That’s great the food wasn’t spoiled and a hot shower is definitely something to be thankful for!