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Gratituesday – A New Place to Live

our backyard view 

The past three weeks have been the busiest weeks of our life this year.  I’m amazed at how much energy  it takes to: plan meals, pack, move, travel, unpack and plan more meals. If you have ever moved a few states away, you know exactly how much work and effort it takes!

Last week when I wrote my Gratituesday post, we enjoyed our scenic drive but at the same time we were trying to find a new place to live.  The new city we live in has a very hard rental market.  So finding something that fit our family needs was very challenging.

The two challenging aspects of our move was finding a place and getting it, before the arrival of our household items. On Wednesday last week, we had our realtor (who was absolutely amazing by the way) show us a few rental properties.  My husband and I decided on one, but it wasn’t going to be available until June first. Since the house was empty, our realtor checked to see if an early move in would be an option. And thankfully the landlord would allow an earlier move in.

Thursday, we spent the day getting paper work and deposits funds ready to submit to the property management company. Thursday evening, we received a call from the moving company saying they would be delivering our household on Friday (May 18).  We still didn’t have a house. :( To make matters a little more stressful, if we didn’t receive our household items direct, we would have to wait until June to get our items out of storage!

The application process for our rental property was going to take 3 days. Friday morning came as we used tooth picks to keep our eyes open Ha, just kidding but we were very tired.  My husband and I both didn’t sleep well, we were anxious about finding a place in time.

Luckily, new days provide new opportunities! Around 8:30 am on Friday, we recieved another call from the moving company.  They said we had until 10:47 am to get them a delivery address or our household items would go to storage! At this point we had no delivery address. We scrambled to get ready and out the door.  We called our realtor, who told us to go to the property management company and see if they would be able to expedite the process. We arrived at their office at 9:40 am, Bonnie, the office manager took our paper work, processed it and contacted the owner of the home.

I sat anxiously in the lobby, while my husband chased our toddler on the porch of the leasing office. :)

By 10:20 am, Bonnie said, “You’re approved!” My husband immediatedly called the moving company and with 17 minutes to spare, we had a delivery address for our household items!

Wow, doesn’t God work amazingly!  I honestly believe it was a miracle that everything worked out perfectly. He provided us this miracle to show us that He is caring for us and looking out for us.  Even when we felt hopeless about finding a house, He showered us with hope when He blessed us on Friday morning!

The verse I want to share with you all today is from Isaiah.  The Lord hears your prayer even before you speak it to Him.  He’s always watching over us and He knows what we need at the perfect time.

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24
Have a wonderful day my friends!
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  1. Oh my goodness! WOW! I’m so happy for you all. Such relief you must feel! Praise God indeed! I’m looking forward to hearing about your new adventure in your new home/city.

    • I really do feel relieved Danielle! I’m excited to share with everyone some of the ideas that are fostering in my mind for the kitchen. We went from owning to renting so I’m looking forward to getting a little creative in our new space. :)