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Gratituesday: Air Conditioning!

Yep, that would be my air conditioner. It’s working on overdrive the past couple of weeks. Has it been hot where you live?! Well it has been pretty hot here too.  I was watching The Weather Channel on Sunday night and it looks like the whole country is hot! Except San Diego looks pretty nice this time of year! :-)

Well I have to say I’m super grateful this week that we have a working air conditioner.  After a power outage a couple of weeks ago and not having it part of the day.  I’m very grateful that it’s working so well to keep us cool.

I’m also grateful for the fact that my job (being a mommy) is indoors (most of the time).  I know of a few people whose jobs are outside and right now in this crazy heat and I can’t even imagine being outside all day, but hope and pray that they are able to stay hydrated and not suffer from heat exhaustion!

Well for us we will be drinking plenty of water and making some popsicles this week to stay cool.  Even a playdate at the pool is in order!

What are some ways you are staying cool this summer? 

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