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Gratituesday – When a Neighbor Helps You

I just met my neighbor Betty 2 weeks ago.  She is a sweet woman and a retired Respiratory Therapist. Last week she was so helpful to me and my family.

Have any of you had a scary moment as a mom, grandma or aunt?  Well I’ve had a few that I thought were “scary” but I have to say last week tops the list of the: “Most Scariest Mommy Moments!”

I was in the kitchen (of course) making breakfast for Little Buddy and me.  I was making us a green monster smoothie. I gave Little Buddy a piece of frozen banana, while I finished making the smoothie. Just before I turned the blender on, he started choking on the banana. (He’d never choked on one before!)

All of a sudden he got a sharp high pitched cry out and then nothing. At that moment I went into “nurse mode” take a deep breath, stay calm and handle the situation at hand.

I attempted the Hiemlich Maneuver 3 times, after each time assessing his ability to clear his airway. After three failed attempts: I needed help!  I picked him up and ran out the door to my neighbors house. I figured if I needed to preform any other intervention, I needed to be in an area that people could hear I needed help!

But by God’s grace, Little Buddy managed to get the piece out  half way to our neighbors house.  By the time a reached Betty’s front porch I was relieved  he had gotten it out, but I was emotional that he had just choked on a banana!  I looked at his color, his over all behavior and he was happy as a clam now that the banana was gone.

She welcomed us into her house as I told her what happened, she offered me a cup of coffee and a place to sit down on the couch.  As I cried, she reassured me that I did everything right to help him.  He was proof that he was okay as he sat with smiles on my lap. :)

God places the perfect people in our lives at the perfect time!  When I needed a friend to help Betty was there!  I’m so thankful today that my Little Buddy is okay (no aspiration pneumonia or damage from the piece of frozen banana!) and I’m also so grateful that Betty was home on the morning I really needed her loving comfort!  

Have you ever had a “scary mom moment.” I hope someone was there to encourage and comfort you like Betty was for me!  People can make the world of difference in a scary situation. 

Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. Romans 15:2

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  1. Awww I’m so glad he is ok!!! Very scary moment :(

    • Thanks Candice!

  2. Tabitha I am so glad that Little Buddy is alright. That is a very scary moment to have happen when you are new to a place and don’t know anyone in the town. It is so lucky that you did have and met a wonderful neighbor like your new friend Betty, she sounds like a treasure. I hope things are much better now.

  3. Thanks Diana! Yes, it truly is nice to have such a wonderful neighbor. :)