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Hostess Gift – Homemade Donuts and Milk

Having dinner parties at my friends houses it a ton of joy for me.  I love chatting and enjoying yummy food. My third favorite thing about going to friends houses for dinner is I get the opportunity to make them a little treat.

Since seeing homemade donuts on Pinterest and around the web, I’ve been wanting to make them for some time. And after finding this inspiration Saturday, I knew the perfect hostess gift was donuts and milk!

I scoured my craft closet to see if I had any thing like what the tutorial had, but I all I had on hand were some baskets. So I went to the kitchen to see what I had: large mason jars – perfect!  Then it was back to the craft closet for a few staples: dish cloth, cellophane, tape and embellished flower.

After making homemade donuts…

Homemade Donuts.jpg

Donut Recipe

Lemon Glaze

Chocolate Glaze 

I gathered my supplies all in one place…  


Mason Jar with milk

Dish cloth (from Target)


Embellished Flower  (Quick and easy to make!)

Donuts wrapped in cellophane and ribbon


and assembled  the hostess gift for our friends. 

Milk and Donuts

It was a simple gift idea that I just loved creating for them! I can’t wait for the next party that way I can come up with another treat!

What gifts do you like to receive when you invite friends over? 

Sharing today at: The Frugal Girls.

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