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How to pick out a Mother’s Day Gift

I love giving gifts. Most of the time when I’m trying to pick out of gift I pick a theme and try to get items that are useful, helpful and inspiring.  Although, I’m not always the best at picking out gifts.  I’ve found a couple of ways that ways that have helped me and today I’ll share that with you!

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#1. Look at what interest them on Facebook or Pinterest 

I’ve found that one thing I love about social media is that you can see what others interests, hobbies and talents are just by looking at someone’s Facebook page or Pin-board. Use these social media sources to find what interests your mom or moms you buy for.

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#2. Find out what her favorites are:

This might seem obvious to some, but for me I didn’t really know what some of my family members favorites were.  So I took the opportunity to send them an email asking them what there favorites were.  Here is the list I asked them.

What is your favorite: candy, ice cream, dessert, cake flavor, breakfast item, dinner item, kitchen utensil, kitchen appliance, dish soap, candle scent, flower, favorite thing to make in the kitchen, and favorite way to spend the day. 

So find out what your mom’s favorites are and tailor your gift around it.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either, if there is a special meal she likes, make that with her.

If she loves planting, buy a plant and plant it with her.  I asked these questions not because I”m going to buy 13 gifts family members, it’s because I want to tailor my gift to what they would truly want, need or like the best! :)

Gift Basket from Darling Doodles

#3. Use a Theme

Once you’ve found what your mom(s) are interested in or love, consider using a theme for your gift.  Like I mentioned before, if your mom has a favorite meal, make a small gift basket of those meal ingredients. Print the recipe out on the computer and put it on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper.  Take pictures during the time you make the meal.  After Mother’s day is over, print the pictures, make an album or DVD slide show capturing the special day!

Using a theme can help you give a gift that is useful, inspiring and thoughtful. :)

These are my three tips for buying a Mother’s Day gift. What are some ways you pick out Mother’s Day gifts?  I’d love to hear your ideas, share them in the comments! 

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