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Lunch Box Freezer Cooking – Peanut Butter and Jelly

Today I was planning on making peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls for the freezer, but decided to keep it a bit more simple today instead.  This was yet again another quick and easy freezer cooking session that will be added to the, “Must do again list!”

Yes, this is store bought bread.  The only loaf I’ve purchased this month.  The flu bug that lives in me currently made me do it! :) Anyways, I got out all the ingredients and supplies.

Next, we flattened the bread down because originally we were going to make PB & J sushi rolls.

Little Buddy helping. Don’t judge my outdated flooring. It’s a rental house. :)

The bread was lathered with PB&J, cut into 3 pieces and then folded over.  My 5 pieces of bread made 15 mini sandwiches. Perfect for my little toddler. I did start with 6 pieces of bread but you can guess who ate it and it wasn’t me! :)

As my Little Buddy would say “All done!”  These newest edition to the freezer are chilling with the burritos and lasagna cups. Well, at least until tomorrows lunch.

Have you done any freezer cooking lately? If so what have you made? 

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