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Making Meal Preparation Easy

I have a few friends who are expecting babies in the next couple of months. It’s really exciting to be pregnant at the same time as my friends. After talking to one of my sweet friends over the weekend, it got me thinking about meal preparation and things to have on hand when sweet babies arrive.

Those first few weeks are quite exhausting and typically cooking isn’t high on the priority list but filling our tired, recovering bodies with foods that are not as nourishing (i.e. fast food and processed foods) can delay recovery and not provide us with the energy we desperately need. So, I’ve complied some of my favorite recipes on my blog and from around the web to share with you all.

Whether you are having a baby soon or want to simplify some areas in your cooking routine, then this is post is written just for you! Having a few on hand items in the freezer will make meal prep easier.

Freezer Chicken


Having cooked diced or shredded chicken on hand helps you prepare lots of meals in no time. Add fresh vegetables for essential vitamins and beans for added protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for repairing our bodies, so gobble it up! Here is a list of my favorites recipes and meal ideas for diced or shredded chicken.

Chicken Broth

If you roast a chicken, used the carcass of the chicken and make homemade broth, its really easy. I often make mine in the crock pot. I throw in all the ingredients add water, seasonings and 4 hours later: broth! Store in ball glass jars and freeze. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator or in a large bowl with warm water for 3o to 45 minutes. Having homemade broth on hand, not only saves you money but you’ll have tasty soups without any additives or preservatives. Here are a few recipes we love:

ground beef

Ground Beef

We love having a little meat in our meals. Having cooked ground beef on hand allows me to make up casseroles, pizza, pasta, salads, and mexican dishes in no time.  Just to name a few! You can read how I make it here. Once again, more fabulous recipes listed below:

Homemade Refried Beans


One way of saving money on beans is to make them yourself. It takes very little effort and making them this way is simple and easy.

Beans are great for  tacos, casseroles, salads, wraps, sandwiches, dips and more! Oh and you can make your own refried beans! If you want to decrease the amount of meat in a meal, adding beans to the dish deliver a protein packed punch and help keep you within your grocery budget.

Blueberry Breakfast Sandwich


I could honestly eat breakfast for all meals of the day.  Here are some of my favorite freezer and quick breakfast recipes! Enjoy

Honey Corn Bread Mix

Baking Mix

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers (one of my favorite blogs) has a fantastic baking mix. She has quite a few recipes to share too! I highly recommend checking it out! This recipe is going in our freezer!

Freezer Cookies


Every household needs dessert in the freezer, right? Well here is a couple cookie recipes for you. Enjoy

And there you have it, some of my favorite make ahead and freezer cooking recipes. I hope that this assortment of recipes help you prepare ahead for your family!

Have a lovely day!

What quick, easy or freezer meals do you have to share? I’d love to hear!




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  1. Thank you soo much for the post!! This will come in handy very soon!! I really want some cranberry orange cookies! Those chicken ranch enchiladas sound amazing, too. I can’t stomach enchilada sauce right now so I like how it uses salsa instead. May be tonight’s dinner….. 😉

    • Your welcome friend! They are all fantastic recipes! The you can totally omit the salsa and increase the amount of ranch if the salsa is too much too. Thats how the original recipe was. 😉