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Menu for the Week of April 15, 2013

Hey friends! I have to tell you I hate being late and I’m a day late in posting our menu! I had it half written over the weekend but it’s taken me till Tuesday to post it.

My new schedule is pretty busy, I’m still trying to find the right balance between sleeping enough, playing with a toddler, making meals for my family and school. Oh, and cleaning and laundry they get done, somedays. :)  I knew going back to school (12 unit course) would be like a part time job and wow it has been, but I’m loving it (most days).

I’m keeping it as simple as I can, but any words of advice, I’m all ears. :)  Last night I had big hopes to make turkey burgers and pancakes and fruit landed on our plates instead. Well, I can’t complain really because I’m a huge pancake fan! So is my Little Buddy. Any opportunity he can get to have pancakes, he’ll take it. I hope to share my pancake topping with you all later this week! Until then, here is our menu and have a fabulous day!

Spinach Pancakes



  • Plain yogurt with cinnamon, cashews, coconut and berries x2  
  • Spinach pancakes with blueberry topping x 2
  • Mushroom, spinach breakfast casserole x 2
  • Broiled tomato with fried egg and cheese




Share with me your best tip for staying organized during busy weeks? 

Sharing at Menu Plan Monday. 

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