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My 4 Week Bread Challenge – Week 3

Hello Friends!


It’s has been 3 weeks now since I started baking every loaf of bread for my family. It hasn’t always been easy.  I was tempted last week to buy some as I walked by the bread isle at the grocery store. But I just reminded myself that I had a full batch of Artisan bread dough in the frig and it takes 5 minutes! HA :)  And I’m glad I resisted the temptation because it’s a ton of joy when my family says, “This bread is great!”

This past week I’ve been making sandwich bread, artisan bread and pumpkin muffins.

On Monday, I decided to make a special dinner with diner favorites. My husband loves diner food. We had hamburgers, mac and cheese and chocolate shakes. Yes, all homemade, but I had my grandma’s help!  When I mentioned our meal on Facebook, I had a few friends who instantly wanted to come join us! How fun that would have been to have you all over! That entertaining bug that lives inside of me loves casual dinners with great conversations.

And since we were having hamburgers, we needed  hamburger buns. Using the sandwich bread recipe I raved about last week,  I made a batch of dough, let it rise and then divided the dough into 8 hamburger buns.

I then patiently waited for them to come out of the oven, 20 minutes take so long when your hungry! :)  To give them their glossy store bought finish, I brushed the top of them lightly with butter.

Oh, so good! Definitely a recipe keeper! For breakfast the next morning they were perfect for egg sandwiches. So once again, the bread in the house does disappearing acts! These random acts of disappearing bread  has got to stop! Or should it? :)

What enjoyable food have you been cooking up in your kitchen? I’d love to hear all about it. 


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