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My Goal List for 2013

Hi sweet friends!  How are you all doing this lovely Friday? I’m very excited to share with you my goals for 2013. The goals I’m going to share with you today are areas that I want to grow in each area of my priorities, but are specific to the kitchen. I’m sure you don’t want to read all about how how I want to develop a routine for exercising 5  days a week. Therefore, I am going to keep my goals specific to what I mainly write about here at Simply My Kitchen.

Why do I think goal setting is important? 

I believe that setting goals  helps me have balance and direction for what I want to accomplish.  It isn’t just a check in the box. It’s a developing progress to gain knowledge, wisdom, skills, and most important building meaningful relationships.

How often will I review my goals? 

Weekly, worked well last year. This year I’m taking the same approach.  Every week, on Sunday, I will look at what was accomplished, identify where I could improve or what clearly needs to be removed from the list.

What is my goal for you? 

Today as you read my goals, I hope that it will inspire you to set goals for yourself. Goals that will help you accomplish everything you are about. If you want to read more about goal setting please read these resources: here and here.

Will I share my progress with you?  

Absolutely! At the end of every month, I’ll give a recap of what we’ve been able to accomplish. I say “we” because my little family is just as important to helping me reach my goals.

smart goal setting concept

Have a wonderful day friends! Here our my goals for 2013


  • Light a candle daily to be a reminder of God’s light in our life. Every time I see I want to pray for my family.
  • Play music in the kitchen during waking hours
  • Have daily morning devotions at the dining room table. Reading through the Story Book Bible, The Beginners Bible and Proverbs


  • Complete my 2013 homemade list (I”ll be sharing you all next week!)
  • Keep fresh flowers on the table often
  • Read all the books on my book list 


  • Continue planning meals around what my husband loves
  • Prepare an in home date night meal once a month


  • Teach Little Buddy to mix, pour and stir when prepping meals
  • Let him help with clean up: clearing the table, rinsing dishes, helping put dishes into dish washer, cleaning counters, cleaning up messes on floors, and sweeping. (Lots of supervision and guidance in this area, he is only two.) :)
  • Teach him colors, shapes, textures, and scents when grocery shopping

Kitchen/Home Management

  • Create a family cookbook to make meal planning easier
  • Develop a routine to prep meals ahead of time (i.e. lunches, freezer cooking, snacks, ect.)
  • Develop a cleaning schedule for oven, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer


  • Switch to organic non-gmo white whole wheat flour
  • Look into buying produce locally
  • Analyze cost of organic non-gmo pantry items online for connivence and cost effectiveness to maintain current grocery budget
  • Look into buying meat locally
  • Plant 4 vegetables

Friends/Family/ Community

  • Have friends over for dinner at least 2 times a month
  • Continue having dinner as a family at the dining room table
  • Be aware to of friends, neighbors and those around us who may need a meal. I want at least 3 go to meals available in my house at all times to be able to give when needed.


  • Maintain current grocery budget
  • Continue to give to others through meals and needed items

What do you want to accomplish in 2013? What are your goals? Please share, I’d love to hear all about it! 

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