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On The Menu and Finding Joy in Meal Planning for Christmas

We are just one week away from Christmas! It has certainly come up quite quickly.

Christmas Menu


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Menu planning for the Christmas season can be quite fun. There are lots of new recipes to try or traditions to carry on. Today I want to share three ways to enjoy meal planning this Christmas.

#1. Family Traditions

Growing up, we celebrated Christmas Eve at my grandparents. From as long as I can remember, our menu consisted of: deli sandwiches on croissants, shrimp with shrimp cocktail, veggies platters, deviled eggs and spinach dip. For dessert each year we enjoyed chocolate cherry and vanilla raspberry trifle. When thinking about your family traditions, what have you done in the past? What you like to serve this holiday? How can you make it memorable for your family?

#2. Ask your family

I know this is a recurrent theme, but I believe asking your family is essential to baking and cooking for them. If you are going to spend time preparing meal for them, ask their input. I’m pretty sure they love being asked what they like. If you have multiple children that have their individual favorites, make one item they would love to have over the Christmas season. Better yet make their favorite side dish or meal idea with them. And of course take pictures of your time together.

#3. Be creative with displaying your menu. 

Display your menu similar to what you’d find at a nice restaurant or wedding reception. Using this idea, bring it home by writing out your menu in a fun and memorable way. Write it on a chalk board or using a fancy font on pretty paper or have your children write it out on a paper plate.  Either way get creative and make it fun. After Christmas is over you may want to include this menu in a scrapbook with all the pictures you take from this Christmas season. A memory in the making for future years to look back on. I found a few ideas for you here, here and here.

Cherish this year’s Christmas season friends! It’s a beautiful one to remember.

Here is our menu for this week.



  • Left overs x 3
  • Tuna Melt and veggies
  • Grilled Cheese and Soup
  • Sandwich and fruit
  • Quesadilla and veggies


What is your favorite food to enjoy during the Christmas season?

Sharing today at Menu Plan Monday. 

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