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On the Menu for the Week of June 10th

Last weeks menu was really fun to do.  I planned some new recipes and we loved just about all of them.  Our favorites were: turkey sausage, avocado mac-n-cheese and honey rosemary chicken. One that I want to improve upon is the quinoa porridge.  The next couple of weeks I’ll have it on the menu to perfect it to our families taste buds then share the recipe with you all. I have a few new recipes to try this week and some from last week returning.  Here’s our menu for the week.


My new favorite mac-n-cheese!


  • Quinoa Porridge and strawberries
  • Spinach and Tomato Omelet with red breakfast potatoes
  • Granola, Greek Yogurt and Peaches
  • Smoothie and hard boiled eggs x2
  • Turkey Sausage, scrambled eggs and strawberries x 2



Freezer Cooking/ Plan Ahead Meals

Snacks and Drinks

Its summer time! So there are tons of fresh fruit this time of year at great prices. Do you like to make smoothies and if so share your favorite recipe in the comments!
For more menu plan ideas join Organized Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.
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  1. Tabitha, looks wonderful. I will definitely trying the avo mac soon. And I LOVE that parm pesto grilled cheese. It is SUPERB. :) If one can call grilled cheese superb. Have a fun cooking week, friend!

  2. A lot of the recipes from Two Pea’s in Their Pod look phenomenal! I can’t wait to try it this week. :) Most definitely a grilled cheese can be superb! :)