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On The Menu for the Week of March 18th

This week we are keeping it easy.  All our favorites and some newbies returning.  Last week, I had an awesome smoothie on the menu and its going to be staying for quite sometime.  My husband has been making some great suggestions lately about what should be in the house at all times.  :) This really is encouraging because I cook for him and little buddy so I love to know what he loves.  And smoothies were added to the list. :)

Here is our Menu this week


Scrambled Eggs, Toast and apples

Overnight Oats and strawberries x2 (If you love oatmeal, you’ll love this recipe)

Pumkin Steal Cut Oats ( I didn’t get a chance to try this last week, so this week its back on the menu!)

Breakfast Smootie and Toast

Pancakes, Fried Eggs and fruit ( I have a ton of pancakes in the freezer this recipe makes a lot!)

Shamrock Shake and Toast


Left overs

Chicken Salad Sammies and carrots

PB&J and peas

Franks Red Hot Chicken Quesadilla and Salad


Chicken Mac-N-Cheese Bake

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas and Rice

Hamburgers and Salad

Asian Garlic Chicken and Rice Bake (Still working on the recipe)

Slow-Cooker Pork Loin Carnita Tacos with Chimicuhurri Sauce 

Eggplant Parmesan and Salad

Freezer Cooking

Breakfast Sammies


That’s on our menu this week.  I’m in search of some quick and easy lunch recipes/ideas.  Can you share your favorites with me in the comments! :) 

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