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One Week Away – DIY Play Kitchen

If you can recall from my first post, I got the idea from Pintrest to make a play kitchen for my nieces.  I’m so excited as we are a week away from showing my nieces!  My little idea is coming to life. I couldn’t have done this at all with out the help of my husband.  He has been absolutely amazing at helping me!


The master plan!  We’ve changed a few things from the original drawing, but it’s still pretty close! :)

This is our wanna be play kitchen!

Here is what we accomplished this week!

Here is my hubby, priming the play kitchen.  He did an awesome job!   Using PVC and plastic drop cloths, he  created his own paint booth.

I painted the stove top knobs.

It is starting to actually look like a play kitchen now! Yes, we got the door installed, the entertainment center primed, the hole cut out for the sink and faucet, and made the stove top knobs!

Next week, will be the big reveal. Come back and join me! Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

If you’ve missed any of the previous posts they are listed below this post.



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  1. That looks amazing! You guys have accomplished so much! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. This is soo great! I can’t wait til tomorrow!


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