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Organizing Craft Supplies in the Kitchen

I absolutely love doing crafts and projects with Little Buddy or make things for others. The problem I was finding was all of my supplies were located in our guest bedroom closet which didn’t provide much workspace or easy accessibility. I’d have to bring all the boxes out to the kitchen, along with the supplies like markers, crayons, paint and so forth.

So a few weeks ago, I got the crazy idea to move everything to the pantry. I feel very blessed in our new place to have a pantry with optimal space. Not only would it be great to have it all the supplies in one place, but it would mean no more excuses for not getting out the crafts.

Granted, I understand not everyone has a plethora of space in their kitchen pantry or even have one for that matter but I do have a few tips to share that might help you with organizing your craft supplies.

Craft Organization

#1.  Finding the space

If your kitchen is the place that you too do all your craft activities, then it might be very helpful to have some of your “everyday” items close by so you can pick up your project where ever you left off.

Maybe it’s a cabnet that some items can be purdged and relocated to another area to allow some of your supplies. If you have a linen closet or laundry room off your kitchen, finding a space there might be helpful.

Behind the Door Craft Organization

#2. Use Your Pantry Door or Kitchen Door

Clear plastic shoe organizers behind doors make perfect pockets for craft supplies. I’ve had my crafts like this for the past few years and it’s been great for knowing what I have on hand, accessibility when I need and its great when you move often.  I would roll it up, place it in the a box and set it up in the next place. Even if you’re stationary for awhile, maximize these little pockets with individual items like: crayons, scissors, tape, glue, and popsicle sticks will keep you organized and your stuff convenient.

Vertical space

#3. Maximize Wall Space

In your pantry, utilize wall space to hang items that can be easily accessed.

#4. Keeping your Cost Down on Storage Containers

The most inexpensive storage containers I have found to work well are plastic shoe boxes. Wal-Mart typically sells them for 97 cents, as does Target. I have these in just about every room of my house when it comes to organizing bathroom supplies, toys, hardware and other miscellaneous items broken into categories. These stack nicely in pantries or cabinets very well.

Other ways to decrease your out of pocket expense (if you are just getting started) is to look at garage sales, thrift stores and clearance deals at craft stores. I’ve bough all my craft boxes (photo boxes) at Michael’s, when they were marked down to 2 dollars a box.

 #5. No space No problem

If relocating all your crafts wont fit in your kitchen but you often do your projects there. Keep a small box with your supplies and projects readily available that way its easy for you to pick it up whenever you’d like.

Well that is my new kitchen organization project all completed! Now its time to go get all the crafts out and whip up a project with Little Buddy.

If you want some more craft organization ideas, head on over to Pinterest where I’ve gathered some more ideas for you!

Have a lovely day friends!

Where do you keep all your craft items? What are some tips you could share on organization? 


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