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Our Menu for the Week of October 22, 2012

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

We had a ton of fun this weekend playing in the kitchen.  We made hummus, pita bread, Challah, halloween cake and attempted caramel apples.

My sister-in-law to be and my mom enjoyed cooking with Little Buddy this weekend too. He had a blast! He even “practiced” cracking the eggs on the counter. He squeezed one eggs a little hard and he happened to get egg all over him. It was quite funny. He looked at my mom and I and said, “Uh oh.”  Which is one of his favorite words. It was one of those priceless toddler moments. Oh, how I love that little guy!

Here are a few pictures from our time this weekend.

Well friends, I am off to yet another busy and exciting week around here!

Have a great week.


  • Oatmeal and fruit x 2
  • Breakfast Casserole and fruit
  • Yogurt, granola and fruit x2
  • Scrambled Eggs, Toast and Fruit
  • Egg sandwich and fruit


  • Lunch with family x 2
  • Salsa Chicken Pockets and veggies
  • Burritos and veggies
  • Tuna Salad
  • Left Overs


I’m looking for some fall recipes to add to my November menu plan. If you have a favorite, I’d love for you to share in the comments!
Sharing my menu today at Menu Plan Monday. 
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