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Our Menu and My 4 Week Bread Challenge

 Good morning Friends! How are you doing today? Did you have a fabulous weekend?

I mentioned on my Facebook page two weeks ago that I love following At Home with Kim on Wednesdays. Her blog about encouragement and goal setting for health and exercise.  For September, I set myself 2 small goals. For exercising, I will workout 5 times a week for a minium of 20 minutes. And since I aim to keep our diet as homemade as possible, I wanted to try making all of our bread as my September health goal.

Here are 3 reason I want to make bread this month:

  1. I’d like to see the cost comparison from store bought bread to homemade bread.
  2. The smell of homemade bread fills the house and it tastes amazing!
  3. Health wise, I’d like to use more organic ingredients without spending the organic store bought bread prices.

You might wonder, “How is making all your bread going to work.?”  My best answer is to have a plan!  Here is how I will do it:

  • Have my favorite bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day in the refrigerator at all times.
  • Plan ahead the night before,” Do I need any bread or are we good for a couple of days.”
  • I will make 4 pre-made bags of each: sandwich bread mix and blueberry bread mix  and store it in the refrigerator. When I need to make bread, all I will have to do is add the wet ingredients.
  • I will have one freezer cooking session to make english muffin bread and biscuits.

I will try this method for 4 weeks. At the end of the month I will: evaluate the price, cost of my time and see if it will be something I will continue to do in October. If not, it will get kicked to the way side! There is no harm in making homemade bread: right?!

Alright, well I’m sure your ready to see what we are cooking up around here this week so here is our menu! Have a fabulous week!



  • Left Overs x2
  • Chicken Salad on Artisan Bread and carrots
  • Pesto Grilled Chicken on Artisan Bread and carrots
  • Grilled Chicken Salad with salsa dressing
  • PB&J and Peas
  • Mac n Cheese and broccoli


  • Eggplant Parmesan and steamed veggies
  • Baked Beans Casserole ( Family Recipe)
  • Roasted Chicken and steamed veggies
  • Chicken Teriyaki, Broccoli and Rice
  • Salsa Chicken and spanish rice
  • Mini Deep Dish Pizza and Tossed Salad
  • Dinner Out

Make Ahead

Do you like making homemade bread?  Do you have a favorite recipe that enjoy baking that you’d love to share? 

Sharing today at Menu Plan Mondays.

If you need a dinner menu with a grocery list: click here. 

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