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Planning Meals for Busy Weeks

If you are like me, on occasion you have a week that has more then the usual tasks that need to be completed. This week is one of the those weeks for me. So I set out to make a plan of what needs to be done and what can wait. There is one thing that can’t wait and it’s our source of energy and nutrtion – food!

Today, I want to share just a couple practical ways you can plan ahead for busy weeks when it comes to meals.


#1. Write out a menu

I know, I probably sound like a broken record because I’m constantly encouraging you all to menu plan, but if you know you are going to have a busier then normal week, sit down for 20 minutes. Write down 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 5 dinners. Alternate the breakfasts and lunches to keep it simple and plan one dinner night to be a left over buffet.

#2. Make meals you know, “Off the top of your head.”

This is probably not the week to plan on making a brand new recipe that takes a lot of time. Stick to recipes that are quick and ones you know very easily. This week I did just that with my menu plan. I was able to make 4 of our meals in one hour because I knew the recipes well. So, stick to your favorite easy recipes!

#3. Buy some of your meals pre-made

I know you might be thinking, “No way. There is all those unknown ingredients. I can’t feed my family that” or “Pre-made meals cost to much for my grocery budget.” My solution buy brands you love and believe to be a healthy meal for your family. Maybe a roasted chicken from the deli or soups prepared in the store. Do a pre-made salad and store made soup. I admit, this week I bought lasagna and ravioli to keep it simple for myself. I rarely buy these so I consider it a treat and it would have cost more if we went to a restaurant.

#4. Prepare mulitple meals at once.

I mentioned early, I made four meals in one hour.  I did roast and shred a chicken the day before but that being said prepping the chicken to be roasted and shredding the chicken once cooled only took 20 minutes. Therefore, on Sunday, during my usual dinner prep for that nights dinner, I was able to make Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights dinner at the same time. One BIG mess but 4 lovely homemade meals!

Although, we can’t beat the weeks that are just full of action, but with just a little planning ahead you’ve got dinner covered! :)

What tips and tricks can you share when it comes to prepping for busy weeks? Share in the comments!

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One Comment

  1. Great tips! I always have on hand ingredients for easy stuff like spaghetti and tacos. Also, I decide before lunch what were having for dinner that way it’s not the dreaded “it’s 4:00 and I have no idea what I’m cooking tonight and everything is frozen” routine. I make a list at the beginning of the week of things to make, but I don’t decide till that day which one it will be.