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Making Progress on the Play Kitchen

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know the kind that the to-do-list is a mile long.  And surely, you are a mother, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, co-worker and sister: you can tackle it no problem!  Well, not me.  I put way more on my list this week that I was really able to accomplish.  But the good news is I’m making progress towards making this play kitchen come to life.  Although, it still sits lonely in the garage just scraped up from some sand paper, most of the supplies gathered and the accessories are in the works.

I had high hopes of priming this week; it just wasn’t possible because we have a few more details to finish before we can start priming. Even though you might be so sad that you don’t get to read about me priming the play kitchen we are creating, I haven’t let you down.  There is progress being made. :)

Here’s what we did this week: took a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Store, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowes to gather more supplies.  Oh wait,  I forgot one, I went to Joann’s too.

The Habitat for Humanity Store that I went to had a good selection of household items.  You could easily spend a couple of hours looking through their warehouse.  I was pretty hopeful that I would find more new stuff at great prices. Unfortunately, the one I visited had more used merchandise at prices you get at Lowes brand new.  This was a little disappointing, but I do think its worth shopping there first because the money you spend there does go to a great cause. Just be prepared that it might not always be the steal of a deal you’re planning on. There was a ton of cabinets, furniture and wood that have tons potential, but for me this week, nothing was promising for the play kitchen.  Their inventory changes regularly, and according to their website it changes daily.  So we will make another trip this weekend in hopes of finding the shelving and a cabinet door that will work well.  Otherwise, we will be or should I say my husband will be making me shelving and a cabinet door. Thanks Love!

I’ve been looking and looking for the best option for the stove.  I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve visited trying to figure out the best solution.  On Monday I finally found this amazing idea that will work perfectly.  Thankfully, Melissa at Honeybee Vintage  made a great tutorial on how to do it.  I drove down to Joann’s and bought all the necessary supplies.  The only thing, that I discovered is that it cost a little bit more then her tutorial suggested. This coming week I’ll be working on creating my own burners similar to this picture, using the help from Honeybee Vintage.

Well I’ll finish up this post, so you can carry on your lovely day.  Here are my last finds for the week: faucet, oven door window, gorilla glue, wooden dowls, wooden circles, chalk, tile, coasters and  spray paint.

Join me next Friday and see how the stove top comes together!

What big project have you done what required a lot of supplies?  What really helped you accomplish that project.  I would love to know your tips, please share them in the comments! 

And if you missed it check out part 1 and part 2 of making this play kitchen.



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  1. The burner looks really cute! I’m sorry the Habitat For Humanity didn’t work out well. But like you said, their inventory changes daily so your might find something next time. Looking forward to your post next Friday! 😀 This project sounds like so much fun!

  2. I’m looking forward to what I might find tomorrow. :)