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Preparing Our Heart and Home for the Hoidays – Invite List

So far in this series we’ve covered setting goals, planning our month, making a holiday notebook, lighting a candle and planning our holiday traditions. Just a few things we’ve done in just one week! :) Way to go friends.

Today I want to continue along in our planning process.

Here is today’s task:

  • At your most convenient time today: finalize your invite list. Call or email those who you still need to invite. For a printable invite list: click here.  If there are items you are in need of items, whether it is a side dish or needed hosting items, talk out those details with your friends and/or family today.
  • If you are not hosting, call who is hosting and ask them what you can bring or ways you can help. Maybe you have certain kitchen items in your house that they do not have and may need. This will help cut down on out of pocket expense. Chairs, table linens or card tables, might be some needed items the host will need.

Are you joining in this months series? If so, hows it going? What things have you accomplished so far? Or what things would you like to do?  

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  1. Thanks so much for all the great holiday planning ideas!!! LOVE IT! I have been traveling and fallen behind on the planning, but you have really helped to make it so easy. I am heading home Monday and can’t wait to get started :)

    • Your very welcome Kristine! I hope your travels are going well. I’m glad this series is very helpful. Come back and share how your planning is going. :) Have a fabulous weekend my friend.