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Preparing Our Heart and Home for the Holiday – Happy Thanksgiving!

Decorating the table for Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Not only did I go for a rustic elegant feeling using textures like burlap and linen, the sentiments in the napkins and the candles on the table represent a couple of things as well.  First, the linen napkins were from my grandmothers, they were a wedding present to her and my grandfather. I think it is especially important to use items within your home that have meaning and lasting impressions. The detail on the napkins are beautiful. Secondly, the candles on the table are the taper candles from my own wedding and the crystal candle holders were a wedding gift as well.

Since, I love the classic and simple look of white china and clear simple glassware, I find these two elements on the table to be inviting and useful. We use these plates and glassware daily. I love the versitility everyday items to be used at special dinners, like Thanksgiving. Finally, adding a hint of elegance with champange colored chargers, it gives the table a finished look. I purchased champagne colored chargers plates, that way they would be versatile for other holidays such as: Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day. I’m not all about having the perfect table, but I do enjoy decorating one with meaning and impression that my family and friends would enjoy.

I’m very excited about our day ahead and I can’t wait for friends to arrive and enjoy a sweet day with my little family. We managed to finish almost everything yesterday, leaving eggnog and gravy to be made today. :) So I ‘m heading up to the kitchen now to finish, before a certain little someone wakes up. :)

We hope that your Thanksgiving is ever so special and memorable today. From our home to yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

I attempted to make my own centerpiece using this tutorial. 

Today’s Bible Verse: 

     I have not stopped thank God for you. I pray for you constantly. Ephesians 1:16 NLT 

Today’s Task 

  • Continue lighting a candle and pray for your family.
  • Continue playing music in your home.
  • Make at least one thing in the kitchen today with your family member or friend and take at least on picture.
  • Take time today to enjoy your family and friends: play board games, do a holiday craft, take a nature walk, or watch football together.
  • Make phone calls or Skype with family you may not be able to see today.
Are you making any recipes today that you’ve never made before? If so, share what your making today in the comments? 

Thank you for joining me in this series, its been a joy to write and I hope it has helped you prepare for a great Thanksgiving. Over the next few weeks, we will be changing gears to get ready for enjoyable Christmas holiday. I’ll be sharing recipes and crafts over the next couple weeks. I can’t wait to share with you all!


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