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Preparing Our Heart and Home for the Holidays – Tradition and Thankfulness

Oh, how I love Tuesdays, but this month it’s even more exciting since we can dedicate so much time to being thankful and giving. When I was a kid I never really thought of traditions or things our family did, but as I get older and have become a parent, I can’t believe how I long to build family traditions that my little family will remember.

This year, to start a tradition, we decided to make a thankful tree and place it on a wall in our dinning room. This tree is very simple and not completely creative but it works!  :)  To make the tree trunk, we cut out a strip 3 inch by 8 inch long piece of brown scrapbook paper. Then we cut 1/2 inch by 12 inches pieces and folded them in half to make the branches.  To make the leaves for our thankful tree, I used Little Buddy’s hand prints.

First on white construction paper and using Crayola washable paint, I stamped Little Buddy’s hands in fall colors: red, brown and green. We were only able to get through making 16 hand prints when he said, “All done.” What a trooper. We will finish the remaining leaves (14 to go) later this week.

Each day we put one thing we are thankful for on a “leaf.” As we pray for what we are thankful for together as family, we will try to find one way to enjoy that particular thing we are thankful for or come up with one way to give to that person on that day. For example, last week we were thankful for the beautiful fall weather we had, therefore, we spent as much time outside as possible and taking pictures of the day. On Sunday we were thankful for our friends, so we made them a meal.

Being thankful and then giving back is an outward expression of our inward heart for others. My son may be quite little now, but for years to come, I hope he will remember being thankful for what we had and give back to those we love and cherish.

Okay friends it’s your turn!  Here is today’s task:

  • At your most convenient time today, write down 7 things you are thankful for. Each day focus on one thing. Find one way you can give. It can be as simple as a phone call or a hand written note.
  • Think about the Thanksgiving traditions you want to start this year or what you want to continue from previous years. Write that down and place it in your holiday notebook.

1 Chronicles 16:34  says Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever.

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Excited to share today at Heavenly Homemakers, Teaching What is Good and Show and Share Saturday. 

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  1. Cute! We do a similar thing with a a turkey. The kids and I make a giant turkey out of big paper each year at the beginning of November, and then each night at dinner we all think of things that we’re thankful for and write them on paper feathers. We tape the feathers to the turkey and watch as our turkey’s tail grows – and it makes us realize just how many blessings God has given us. The kids are now 5 and 7 and remember this from year to year, asking to make the big turkey!

    • Great idea Amy! I bet your kids love doing that too! I’ll keep this in mind for future thanksgings! Thanks for sharing today.

  2. What a great idea! I want to develop some traditions for our family as well although it will be awhile before our daughter is old enough to understand or appreciate them.
    Melinda recently posted..Menu Plan for the Week of November 4My Profile

    • Congrats Melinda on your new little one! :) So much to be thankful for I’m sure! So yes, you have a little time. My little guy is only 23 months and we are just starting traditions but I’m sure it will be sometime before he really knows what they are too. :)

  3. What a SWEET idea! Very cute and an AWESOME way to teach them at a young age to be thankful! And, you get the cute little hand prints out of the deal…score! 😉
    Mindy @ New Equus – A New Creation recently posted..How to ride in the dark.My Profile

    • Hey Mindy! Thank you! I know those sweet hands are just precious. I love them! :) Thank you for stopping by today friend! Hope you are doing great!

  4. What a neat idea! Years ago when our son was just starting to read we used a ‘tree’ to put up leaves listing each book he read. (The kids are grown now, so I’ll have to wait for grandkids before I can use your lovely idea…)
    Lori @ Encourage Your Spouse recently posted..Positive Effects for your MarriageMy Profile

    • Thanks Lori! I like your idea for reading too! We might just have to do something like that when my son is a little older!


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