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Preparing our Heart our Heart and Home for the Holidays – Making a Holiday Workbook

I mentioned that one of my goals this holiday season is to have a simpler and enjoyable holiday season. I talked about ways that I am going to achieve that by doing 1 to 2 small tasks each day. As I tackle each day with the help from 21 Days to a More Disciplined life, I’m focusing this season on simplicity.

In order to make things simple, you have to find what works well for you and your family. I’ve found that having a home management binder to be very useful for maintaining my house and since that worked well for me, I want to apply that same concept to organizing myself for the holidays. Therefore, this month I’ve decided to make a holiday notebook. I’m starting with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, but in the the coming months I’ll add other holidays such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

As I mentioned yesterday I used a few resources when it came to planning my month.  Today I wanted to share a little about those and what I am using to make my holiday binder.

!. Check Lists

Martha Stewart 

I can’t help but be inspired and encouraged by Martha Stewart. She is one organized woman! I used her Thanksgiving checklist to help me fill in the two weeks before Thanksgiving. If you are looking for some free printable checklists for Thanksgiving and Christmas you can click here.

2. Meal Planning 

Photo Credit 

The other day Jessica Barna from Meet Me At the Dinner Table sent me a message on Facebook letting me know about her holiday meal planning workbook.  I immediately responded back to her and she sent me a free copy. I was so excited to receive this because Jessica has beautifully crafted a simple 6 page workbook that helps you create a vision, prepare a menu plan, shopping list and more. Jessica has offered a free copy to anyone I would like to give it to. If you email me, I’ll send you a copy. For more great products by Jessica you can view her store here.

If you are just looking for a meal plan, this is a great resource!

3. All-in-One – Traditions, Checklists, Planning Ahead and MUCH MORE! 


A Simpler Season – By Jessica Fisher

Last year I got a copy of Jessica Fisher’s, “A Simpler Season for New Years” and I found it very helpful.  This year Jessica has a new e-book that she has compiled most of the content that is on her blog into a: fun and easy read e-book that includes all the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). She helps you think out what is important to you, how to plan ahead, be creative and save money. This e-book is packed with printable worksheets that will help you menu plan, organize your days ahead and much more! If this sounds like something that might help you make your holiday season easier you can pick up a copy of her e-book here. Its a great complete resource for all your holiday planning!

Today, I’m going to finish printing of some more worksheets, add them to my holiday notebook and start completing some of the tasks ahead.

Weekend Task

Proverbs 31:25

  • Today at your most convenient time, think of one way you want to be organized this season. Maybe a holiday binder would be a perfect option. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like.
  • Gather your supplies: a binder or a notebook, paper, dividers and pen. If you have time and want to decorate it go for it. Put your favorite quote, bible verse or family picture on it and maybe add your goal to the front just as a reminder! :)
  • Ask your family what is important to them this season? What place might they want to visit? What traditions would you like to start this year?
  • Aim to keep it simple! Set the timer and spend just 30 minutes today and 30 tomorrow if need be.  I’m making four tabs in my binder: meal Plan, tradition/goals, gift lists, and checklists. Nothing fancy.
Well friends, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I hope this post helps you organize your time for the holidays.
Okay, your turn, chime in and tell me what is one way you want to be organized this season. 
[Note: some links in this post are my affiliate links.]



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  1. Great post! I haven’t had a Holiday Notebook before… I love the idea: combines a home management notebook/meal planning/holiday planning! So organized! Thanks!
    Jessica Barna recently posted..40% of Food WASTED in America?My Profile

    • Thank you Jessica! It really does help to be organized especially with this busy time of year! Thank you very much for sharing your holiday menu planning workbook, I love it!


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