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Sanding the Play Kitchen

Last week I showed you the project my husband and I are doing for our niece’s birthday.  This past weekend I did all the sanding, I thought it was going to be a daunting task, but it was surprisingly enjoyable!  It must be the “thrill” of trying something new. :)  Since I’m quite frugal, I was motivated to sand the entire thing by hand, but after my lovely experience of sanding with an electric sander, I was very grateful!  Luckily, I shopped my family members houses first, and scored a sander and a jig saw.  Being able to borrow them definitely saved me from having to buy those two items right now. Secondly, it saved me a ton of time by not having to do it all by hand.

 Here are the tools and supplies  I used

I started with a course sand paper first (100 grit) and then used a find sand paper (150 grit).  The very fine (220 grit) I used on the areas of where there was wood damage that I fixed with wood filler. As you can see in this picture there were lots of scratches that went against the grain, surprisingly after sanding, most of them came out.

This was my first experience with an electric sander and my is this one LOUD! Did you say something? Luckily, I had a pair of ear plugs (from the NHRA races a few weeks back). Wow, does this thing spit out a lot of dust, thank goodness for a mask and safety glasses. :)  I was covered in dust from head to toe. Which is actually not like me.  I’m kinda girly like that. 😉 But since I have a boy, I might need to get use to it. HA!

So you can see the difference, the left side is not sanded and the right side is sanded.  Surprisingly, it took just an hour and half on Saturday (during little buddy’s nap time) and a half hour on Sunday to sand the whole entertainment center. Using aluminum oxide sand paper by 3M, I used 4 sheets of 100 grit and  2  sheets of 150 grit sand paper.

The last thing I did this week on this project was fix a couple of spots that required some wood filler.  I picked that up at the big-box-store too for 3 dollars.  I filled in the broken spots of wood, let it dry (the directions said for deep scratches or dents wait up to 8 hours), and then using 220 grit sand paper, I smoothed it out by hand. I repeated the process once more since this was a good dent.

Lastly, I  want to share two of the online resources I read before starting this project.  They were very helpful to me in deciding what products to buy and how to paint furniture, so I want to acknowledge them here and here.

Next week, I’ll be share with you my adventure to the Habit for Humanity store and priming the entertainment center. See you then!

Have you ever sanded a wood project before?  What was it that you sanded and how long did it take you?  

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  1. That is Sooo awesome you did this!!!! I just asked my parentss if I can borrow their sander and scroll saw too. Way to go for working with the power tools.

    • Thank you. What are you going to going to re-finish. It’s a lot of fun! I hear once you start it’s hard to stop. I am already looking for my next project.:)