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Setting the Table For Lunch

Recently, I’ve been trying to use my trifle bowl for more then just trifle.  When I had a friend over for lunch a few weeks back, our menu was taco salad with chips and salsa. For dessert, we had chocolate covered strawberries.

Since I don’t have a chips and salsa bowl, I decided to use my trifle bowl as the chip bowl and footed dessert dishes as individual bowls for salsa. I was happy with using those two things because yet again I love using things that I have on hand. Why buy something specifically marketed for chips and salsa when you have perfectly good trifle bowl just lying around! :)

Setting the table with a simple table runner, a kitchen towel and a little help from Pinterest. I was ready to have a little lunch with my grandma and a dear friend!

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To help you set the table with great etiquette, here is a way to set your table for your next luncheon. I’m not always about formal etiquette and table decoration but it is so much fun to make an enjoyable table scape for friends! Especially, one you can eat from! :)

How do you set the table when you have friends over? What items do you have in your kitchen that you can use for another purpose? 

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