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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Bring Spring Inside

Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We really did!  Well today is the last day of this spring cleaning series!  There might be some area’s of your kitchen that we didn’t cover but thats okay, keep working on the area’s of your kitchen you want work on!  This summer I will be doing more posts on organizing also! But for today, I have one really fun and easy project for you today. If there is any challenge you do out of the last two weeks: it is this one!

Today’s challenge is to bring spring inside!

Today’s Objective

  •  If you have a garden, pick some flowers, put them in your favorite vase and brighten your kitchen with their presence.  
  • Or if you are like me and don’t have a garden, pick up some of your favorite flowers at your grocery store or nursery. 
  • Arrange your flowers in your vase and place them where ever you want in your kitchen. 
  • Then, sit down at your kitchen table (even if its for 5 minutes), turn on your favorite music, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy your little 5 minutes break!
I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you my 2 week challenge, again I hope it inspired you to tackle an area of your kitchen that needed it and help make your kitchen just a little bit better! :)
The next two weeks, I’ll be sharing recipes, flower arrangements and gift ideas for Mother’s Day; be sure to stop back by!  Please feel free to subscribe by email or follow me on Facebook, so you never miss a post!
Till tomorrow, have a fabulous Monday everyone!

If you missed any of the posts from this  series or would like to start, here is a list of all the posts from this series:

  • Getting Started  – supply list
  • Day 1 – under the sink
  • Day 2 – utensil drawers
  • Day 3 – plates and cups
  • Day 4 – kitchen linens
  • Day 5 – pantry
  • Week 1 update  – spring cleaning after pictures
  • Day 6 – pots, pans and baking dishes
  • Day 7 – windows, windowsills and baseboards
  • Day 8 – oven, microwave and stove top
  • Day 9 – the miscellaneous cabinet
  • Day 10 – the Tupperware cabinet
  • Save the best for last – bring spring inside
What are your favorite flowers to buy or receive? Share in the comments!
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