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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Day 2

On Sunday, I started a spring cleaning 2 week challenge.  I was able to get under the sink done and now I’m ready to tackle today’s challenge.  How did yesterday go for you?  Are you ready for today?  Well here it is!

Today’s challenge is to clean out the drawers that have utensils and silverware in them. 

Don’t worry about the other drawers such as the: linen, towels, wash cloths, or junk drawers today.  We’ll get to those.  Definitely look in them to see if any spare utensils are hiding in there, but don’t worry about sorting them today.

Today’s objective for cleaning out the drawers.

  • Set your timer to the designated time you want to spend cleaning.
  • Clear off one counter or kitchen island so there is nothing on it. 
  • Start by taking everything out of the drawers.  As you take them out, place them into groups on your counter: spatulas with spatulas, serving spoons with serving spoons and so on.  This is going to show you what you have and help you decide what to keep, toss in the garage sale box or trash.  It also will help determine what you need to replace. (If you have older children, have them help
  • Then clean inside of the drawers with your all purpose cleaner.
  •  It’s time to see how much needs to return to each drawer. Consider how many you really need of each item.  You know your family the best and what you realistically need.
  • Aim to purge of at least 5 items either to the trash or the garage sale box.
  • Take this time to see if your utensils would be better in a more convent place.  Such as silverware close to the dishwasher or spatulas next to the stove.  Ask your family members if their is a spot they would like things to be.  Especially if they help you out in the kitchen often!
  • Return what you are keeping to drawers and let your space dictate how much you can have.

Today’s Tips

  • If something is sentimental and your not sure what to do about it.  Maybe purge something that is newer or something that you purchased.  Use that kitchen utensil that was your grandmothers instead.  What a great way to remember your family member as you cook!
  • Start a list (either on a piece of paper or phone app) of items you need to replace.  Then be looking in sale ads for the best deal on those replacement items. I have spatulas that are 12 years old that need to be replaced: thats on my list! :) I use the Evernote ap on my iPhone to keep a running list.
Remember if you work full time, have really young ones at home, or life is just busy I encourage you to find a specific time that will work the best for you and your family. This task of spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting one.  Make it fun. Put on your favorite music and  have a family member help! If you’ve worked all day, don’t feel that you have to come home an clean, but maybe plan it for the weekend or 15 minutes in the evening after dinner.  Do what works best for you and your season in life! 
Alright, well there is today’s challenge. I’m sure you will do a great job!  Join me tomorrow for Day 3 of this Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge.
What are some organization tip you have? Please share in the comments. 
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