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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Day 3

If you are just joining me, this week we started a spring cleaning two week challenge you can start here if you’d like.  If you are continuing on with me, how did yesterday go?  I was able to downsize two drawers and move things a little closer to the dishwasher to make even easier to put the dishes away!  I’ll be sharing all my “after” pictures on Saturday so stay tuned for that! :)

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house is my hutch.  I use it every day since my dishes live there.  My husband surprised me with it a few years back and I’ll always cherish that surprise.  And since  I love it so much, I really should clean it! :)

So today’s spring cleaning challenge is cleaning out the buffet, hutch and/or kitchen cabinet where your plates live.

Today’s Objective Is:

  • Start your spring cleaning at the time you planned on completing today’s challenge.
  • Set your kitchen timer to the amount of time you want to spend cleaning and organizing.
  • Clear off one counter or kitchen island so there is nothing on it. 
  • Take everything out of the cabinet.
  • Wipe down the shelving and cabinet door with cleaner.
  • Sort through each item and determine if it should go in the trash, garage sale box or to another location.
  • Keep like items with like items. As you come along each item that doesn’t belong in this cabinet place that item where you want it to live. Resist cleaning or organizing that area for now, we’ll get to it later! :)
  • Let your space determine how much you can have in one area.
  • Aim to purge at least 5 items either to the trash or garage sale box. 
  • If there is something you notice you need, add it to the list we started yesterday
Today’s Tip
  • If something you come along is sentimental: display it that way you can see it daily.  If it is something you are considering getting rid of,but having a hard time parting with it, try to choose it’s owner.  Is it an item a friend of yours could use?  Is it an heirloom a family member would cherish as much as you do?  Give it them and let them enjoy it as much as you have! :)

Alright, it’s that time get ready to tackle todays challenge.  And of course don’t forget to join me tomorrow, we have two days left this week to do some spring cleaning!

What are some organization tips you have? Please share in the comments.  

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