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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Day 5

If you are just joining me, I started a series on Sunday to clean and organize the kitchen in 2 weeks.  If you’d like to read from the beginning, start here.  If you are ready for today’s tips and challenge, keep reading. :)

Yes, today is the last day for this week! YAY.  I’m sure you’ve done a great job this week. Well I’ve got a big chore for you today. Depending on the size of your pantry it might take you longer then the other tasks this week have required.  I know it was for me.  I realized I had all of my pantry items spread out between 5 cupboards! Not really simple, huh?! But I had everything on each shelf by category. I’m a huge fan of like items with like items. Anyways, for my pantry makeover I came up with a plan to make it work well for moving. Today, I’m going to share with you what I did:

Pantry before

 I like having my spices next to the stove.  I use the counter space below this cabinet for prepping meals so it’s the perfect spot for them.  Also hiding in this cabinet is my baking supplies. Well, they have high-tailed it out of here and moved to their new location: the pantry!

 Now I know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to planning out your pantry.  Everyone has a different size space.  Here are 3 organization steps that have helped me maximize my space and be more organized. I hope they will help you too!

#1. Organize by category 

Organizing your pantry by category might seem a little OCD; I understand. Especially if you’re a working mom short on time. But if you’re looking for a solution that will organize your pantry better, place things in categories. It will make your life that much easier in the long run and it’s really not that hard to do. You have to take it out to clean sometime, so you might as well organize it as it goes back in.

#2. Inventory what you have on hand

Start a list (by category) of what you have.  Make a excel spread sheet, use a phone app, or just a plain white piece of paper. When you realize what you have, it makes coming up with a storage solution that much better!

#3. Identify what storage solutions will work best for your space 

This is probably the hardest task.  One reason is organizational supplies are a billion dollar industry.  There are so many choices, how can you choose, right? But after you have organized your stuff by category and know what you have it should help you decide a little bit better.

The reason I believe having an organized pantry is important is because you’ll know what you have on hand, which in turn helps with menu planning and grocery shopping.  Which then helps you save time and money! Who wouldn’t want that?! 

Okay enough tips for today, your begging to get started right?!

Here is today’s objective. There are some new objectives added to the list today!

  • Start your spring cleaning at the time you planned on completing today’s challenge.
  • Set your kitchen timer to the amount of time you want to spend cleaning and organizing.
  • Clear off one counter or kitchen island so there is nothing on it. 
  • As you take everything out of the cabinet(s) and place them on to your cleared off surface, put them into categories: snacks, baking, flour, cereal, and so on. 
  • Start your inventory list as you take each item out as well. 
  • Wipe down the shelving and cabinet door with cleaner.
  • Sort through each item and determine if it should go in the trash, garage sale box or to another location.
  • Keep like items with like items. As you come along each item that doesn’t belong in this cabinet place that item where you want it to live. Resist cleaning or organizing that area for now, we’ll get to it later!
  • Make a miscellaneous cabinet. Place all items you are not sure where to put them in this cabinet.  We will tackle that cabinet next week!
  • Let your space determine how much you can have in one area.
  • Aim to purge at least 5 items either to the trash or garage sale box. 
  • If there is something you notice you need, add it to the list we started on Monday. 

The After Pictures

Need more inspiration, follow me on Pinterest for more pantry organization ideas. Follow Me on Pinterest

Join me tomorrow morning for all the pictures of the progress I made this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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