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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Day 7

The cabinets in my kitchen are becoming a little more clean and organized each day.  The garage sale pile is growing too! :) How did yesterday go for you? Keep doing a little each day and you’ll be surprised how much you’ve accomplished when we get to end of the week!

Today’s challenge is to clean the windows, windowsills and baseboard of your kitchen. 

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Today’s Objective 

  • Start your spring cleaning at the time you planned on completing today’s challenge.
  • Set your kitchen timer to the amount of time you want to spend cleaning and organizing.
  • Turn on your favorite music. I love Pandora on my iPad for listening to music.
  • Get out your vacuum, window cleaner, bucket, all purpose cleaner magic eraser  and wash cloth. 
  • Vacuum window tracks and perimeter of kitchen.
  • Clean windows with window cleaner.
  • Wipe out window tracks with wash rag.
  • Wash baseboards with magic eraser and/or wash cloth.

Okay, it’s time to get started! Have a great day and be sure to join me tomorrow for Day 8.  We are nearing the finish line!

Share in the comments how your spring cleaning is going? 

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