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Spring Cleaning 2 Week Challenge – Update

This week has definitely been a productive one!  I was able to get my whole list of spring cleaning done!  You’ve all motivated me to finish it! Even if you just tackled one area of your house this week or maybe making plans to do some spring cleaning,keep up the good work! I’m going  try to keep it short and simple today by just showing you my pictures.

Under the sink before.

Under the sink after! I use a shower curtain rod under my sink to hold the spray bottles and all the organization supplies in this cabinet I “found” in my house! I love the plastic drawer for storing my towels and dish rags.  Putting them here, freed up another space too! :)

Before all the utensils and flatware lived in 4 drawers.

Now they live among 3 drawers. I was able to completely empty the two drawers next to the stove. By purging a few items and then putting everything in these two drawers, it seems to work much better.

The flatware now lives next to the dishwasher! :)

My dishes relocated to the cabinet above the dishwasher.  I have to say I should have done that so much sooner! It really makes putting everything away so much easier!

It’s really bare now!  I packed all the sentimental items and left the dishes I don’t use every day in here.

Here are my kitchen linens before.

And here they are after. I didn’t get  rid of to much linens. I’ve paired down a lot over the past year.  I did get rid of one table runner and six orange placemats though. So it’s a little lighter in here.  Most of these table linens are sentimental, so I kept them and plan to use them often! :)

Here are the two pictures of the “pantry” before.

 Much better!

One less shelf to pack in this cabinet! :)

I find that shoe boxes are one of my favorite inexpensive storage solution.  You can find them for under a dollar and they house items well.  I took things out of their original packaging and placed them in each labeled container.

My second favorite inexpensive storage solution is repurposing a yogurt container.  A little scrapbook paper and a label and it’s like new!

Well that was my week of cleaning and organizing!

How was your week?  No matter what you did or would have liked to have done, please share in the comments what you’ve done or would like to accomplish in the next week.

You can start your spring cleaning 2 week challenge anytime! Here are the previous posts:

* I’ll be back on Monday with this weeks menu and the spring cleaning challenge for day 6! I hope you will join me!


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  1. I hopped over here from MSM to see your projects today. WOW!! You inspired me so much! I just added shelves to a small broom closet to turn it into the pantry, but it is becoming a deep abyss. I love those rubbermaid bins labeled.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! The shoe box containers work so well and are so inexpensive. I’m glad it inspired you! :)


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