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Gratituesday – The Dining Room Table

The table is almost 4o years old and made by Ethan Allen. It has dents and scrapes and dings. It has watermarks and if you look closely it has teeny tiny writing from when I was a kid engraved in it. It’s the dining room table that has seen multiple Christmas dinners, shared many breakfasts and, “hard to get off” oatmeal from toddler hands. The dining room table is one of the most precious things in the house.

I’ve laughed there and cried there. I’ve even spilt milk! Prayers happen there daily. Love is shared there through conversations and sweet treats from the oven. Shoes are tied from sitting there. Smiles from sweet faces are seen there. There isn’t a fancy table decoration usually or even cushions on the chairs.

It’s made of pine, strong to last 40 years but soft to show life’s memories.

Yes, thats what my dinning room table is about. A place where anyone is welcome, a place where marks can be left because they will remember the best times.

I can’t express how grateful I am to my friends that I’ve shared meals with over this past week. (You know who you are.) You’ve totally blessed me! You remind me why the table is one of the best places in the house.

What is your favorite memory at the dining room table?

Sharing today at Heavenly Homemakers and Women Living Well.


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